The Human body is self-correcting and self- healing

The human body is an amazingly built machine that naturally wants to heal. Whenever we do anything, our bodies figure out how to do that action, or heal from that trauma, in the most efficient way possible. The problem with this method is that while in the moment, or in the acute healing process, these adaptations are usually in the body’s best interest; when you get 1 year or 20 years after the fact, the body is many times still doing the same compensation and it is these compensation patterns that can cause problems.

The most common example is someone throwing their back out after picking up a pencil off the floor; the act was so small, so most people don’t understand why it happened. The reality is that all the things that have happened to you in your life have created tension patterns, layered on top of each other, that can be pushed past the edge with one small tweak.

As a therapist, I am not “fixing” you…. I am just facilitating your own natural healing process

It may seem as though when you come into the office that I am doing things that “fix” the problem you are having. In reality, I am sitting quietly, neutral and grounded, with your body’s inner wisdom and asking, “What can I do for you today?” This Inner Wisdom is a part of us that knows everything about our health. When I ask the body what it needs and am open to hearing whatever the answer may be, it shows me the patterns of movement or restriction, and the easiest way to shift that pattern using the least amount of force. Once the Inner Wisdom is brought to consciousness, it can act as a guide for your journey back to health.

Using the least amount of force is important because if we follow what the body needs in the way it wants, restrictions let go much easier and have a more permanent effect. Working with the body in this way allows your physical and emotional body to feel safe to work with the deeper patterns that may be holding in your body, and in this safe space is where deep healing happens. Your body knows what it needs to heal, and it is absurd to think that I know better. Facilitating healing in this way allows for great results in just the way you need them.

I want to discover the root cause of dysfunction

The primary focus of my practice is working intensely with clients who wish to discover and explore the patterns that underlie their symptoms, rather than simply trying to make those symptoms go away. Finding the root cause of what is going on will make all of the symptoms fade away, while working on a symptom will just give temporary relief, and most likely the pattern will return.

Let’s take lower back pain, for example. Traditional massage works on the muscles and fascia, and this can be incredibly effective for a lot of people. But what if the muscles aren’t the main issue? You can keep doing massage and get relief, but the pain keeps returning in some form or another.

Sometimes the source of the back pain is actually in the nerves, in the lymphatic (drainage) system, in an organ (intestine, ovary/uterus), in a blood vessel, something in the pelvis, or something else somewhere else in the body. By asking the body to show me where the source of dysfunction is, it can be incredibly effective for long term health.