This is an unsolicited expression of my extreme gratitude for the profound healing as a client of Megan Runkel. In my years as a cranial sacral/bodywork client, I have never experienced the depth of knowledge, skill, and intuition possessed by Megan. She has facilitated permanent improvements in my body and in my life with highly effective cranial sacral, massage and intra-oral work following an accident. Megan’s keen awareness, compassion and humility combined with her vast repertoire of bodywork skills make her your best choice in a practitioner. ~CM Bellingham, WA

I'm a big believer in regular hands-on body work as an essential to maintaining optimal health. Over the years, I've experienced a number of different practitioners with different approaches. Megan Runkel is above and beyond, the whole package! Her expertise combined with her intuitive abilities to know just what the body needs is extraordinary. She is consistently learning new skills, regularly participating in trainings and education programs to better serve her clients. It was a loss when Megan moved to a new spot in the world. I know it won't take long for her gifts to be discovered where she is now. I'm a little envious! -HD Bellingham, WA

As someone who tends to put her body through all kinds of activities, I needed a massage therapist who would take care of my body and keep it running smoothly. 6 months of massage absolutely changed the way I look at massage, and my body. Her extensive anatomical knowledge and her loving, human intuition has made her the best massage practitioner I have ever had the pleasure of receiving massage from. I get off of her table feeling lighter, straighter, stronger, and more grounded. She is my personal health insurance plan. -JB

I have been a client of Megan's for several years and consider her an extremely skilled practitioner. Upon arrival she always listens and assesses my concerns with patience and attentiveness. I find her body work combines the appropriate strength with practical as well as intuitive acuteness. She is focused and intent on relieving strain on the body. Afterwards, she is more than willing to discuss appropriate stretches or practices that may aide the healing of a particular area. Friendly, and forthright, I always leave feeling much much improved. In my opinion, she is at the top of her game and we are lucky to have her! -CH Bellingham, WA

I have to admit, I was skeptical when Megan first began my massage. She was so gentle, barely moving my body. It was like no massage I had ever had. But as she progressed I realized she knew my body better than I did. She was just warming my body up, feeling for its hidden aches and pains. She knew how to heal it, how to make it feel relaxed and then rejuvinated. She put me in a blissful state. It was the best massage I have ever had. Megan is a skilled and thoughtful practioner. I highly recommend her!  -AW Bellingham, WA

I initially came to [Integrative Massage Therapy] in 2011, after seeing many other practitioners for my hip and neck pain, with little sucess. Each appointment with Megan leaves me feeling supported, rejuvenated, aligned, taller and happy. Megan beautifully combines her technical skills with her intuitive abilities. The enthusiasm she brings to her work makes her a real treasure! I feel so fortunate to have her as my therapist!  -TT Bellingham, WA

I have been seeing Megan for a number of years now for massage. I have a repetitive use injury from work, and am always having issues related to running. She has been an incredibly intuitive therapist; knowing when to go deep, when to be more gentle, and where my finicky spots are. I am super grateful for her compassionate therapy. I have, and will continue to recommend her to friends and coworkers who are looking for a solid massage. -SW Bellingham, WA