My sessions combine Cranial Sacral Therapy, Structural Rebalancing, & Deep Tissue Massage.

This is not your typical massage; I don’t do the traditional full body Deep Tissue Massage where you work on every part of the body using oil with flowing strokes, kneading and pressing. Yes, that may be included in some areas, but that is not my main goal.

My main goal is to discover and explore the patterns that underlie your symptoms, rather than simply making the symptoms go away. Please see My Philosophy section for more details.

My style is very intuitive, pulling from the many modalities that I have learned to help your body heal itself.  My specific techniques depend upon what your body is asking for on a given day.  

Body work sessions can be done fully clothed, or undressed and draped using sheets, only uncovering the part that is being worked on at the moment, and often work is done through the sheet. The only main difference is that when you are undressed there is opportunity for some of the typical massage using natural coconut oil. The results are great either way, the most important is that you feel comfortable.

These sessions are VERY relaxing, as we are unwinding your nervous system from the inside out. Many people feel lighter, taller, more grounded, and some people report they feel better but different, and not quite sure how to describe it. I say that’s because your nervous system has been turned down in a way it hasn’t been ever before.

I start with you lying on your back, and do a full body scan using CST techniques to get a clear picture of your whole system and that helps me figure out where to start.

I make light contact with areas of your body to assess what is going on, what is moving or not, and do gentle unwinding movements while communicating with your body as to what structure is the one that is holding all the other structures.

Many times it can feel like there is not much happening because the touch is so subtle. At these times I invite you to connect back into your body in the area I am working on and see if you can feel any of the subtle movements; a huge part of this work is to connect you back into your body at the core level.

Some sessions include dialogue, some do not. When we dialogue, it may be me asking you questions about what has happened in the past in an area, or me asking what you feel in an area. It may be us together dialoguing with a part of you, as a part of you may have something it wants to share; pain and sensation are usually teachers to show us something we are not aware of. Stories are held in the tissues of your body, and sometimes a physical pain has a mental/emotional component; tuning into the tissues while we discuss the underlying issue can help the physical tissues release in a much deeper way than just the physical bodywork.

Deep tissue massage does not necessarily mean deep pressure; it means being specific as to what structure is being worked on at a specific time. If deep tissue massage is needed, I always do this AFTER the CST work because the tissues will already be softened and relaxed so that the results will be much more effective and long lasting after the tissues have unwound themselves.

Structural Rebalancing works with the fascia, aka connective tissue, the thing that holds us all together. By manipulating the fascia surrounding the muscles and organs, we can create more ease of movements of each part and the whole system.

The combination of these modalities creates the most benefits, and the most long lasting relief.

The pain you are experiencing may be coming from somewhere else.

Focusing on the whole body evaluation may reveal that the pain in your hip is actually coming from your foot, or your neck pain may be coming from the pelvis. Fascia surrounds every structure and connects everything together in a complicated web. Patterns of dysfunction are transmitted from one area to another through this web and can manifest in bizarre ways, and only when looking at the body from a holistic perspective can we understand what that pattern is showing us.

Physical pain is not always physical in origin. Often mental and emotional pain can get stuck in our physical tissues, and the only way to clear the physical pain is to address the mental/emotional pattern that drives the physical pattern. Somato-Emotional Release techniques can help you to connect into your tissues and hear what they have to say.

Healing takes time, especially if the original trauma was not recent.

As much as I would like to tell you that your pain can be fixed in one session, that is not always the case. Yes, you should feel relief of some sort after one session, but sometimes to get to the source of the pain pattern, you have to work through many other layers until you get there.

Trauma to the body is not just what we think of as trauma- a huge event of some sort that dramatically changes something about us, physically, emotionally or mentally. In reality, our body can experience something as traumatic when we don’t even remember the event, or something we think that is minor can FEEL traumatic to our tissues.

Sometimes it is not in your best interest to take the pain away all at once. I know this seems counterintuitive, but it is my belief that your body uses pain as a teacher, and if we just wipe the slate clean, we can miss some of the great lessons and insights that may show you what you need to know to do the deep healing that will get you where you want to go.

Relief of symptoms is likely after the first session. I tend to feel the biggest changes the next morning after I have had a good nights sleep. It usually will take 3-6 sessions to truly feel the effects and to see if this therapy is right for you. Many people like to continue to use this therapy once a month as maintenance, and more frequent sessions are recommended if you are actively working to shift pain patterns.